Support Services Agreement

We describe our support services

The following terms and conditions (these “Terms”) govern the provision by Servinetcom LLC (“Company”) of the support services referred herein as (“Support Services”) which are provided to the client referred to as the (“Customer”) once they have ordered any product and/or service from the Company. The Support Service Descriptions, these Terms and the attachments and any addenda hereto, executed with respect to the Services and Products, are referred to herein, as this (“Agreement.”).

The company agrees to provide support services based on but not limited to the following guidelines.

Customer may request support for their software product by utilizing the Company’s secure support portal system located at Client login information is sent out within each welcome email. If you lose you login information, please visit and click the “Support Link” Then the Request a Password Reminder by clicking here option. Enter the email address which you signed up for service with. Once entered the system will email out your login details to you.

Once logged into the system, click “Support” at the top of the page. Clients can enter, view and respond to tickets here. Or you may send any email to the following email addresses depending on their issue. A ticket will automatically be created within that department.

    • Sales:
    • Support:
    • Billing:

The company will not accept support questions via telephone. Telephone numbers listed on the Company’s website are to be used for sales inquiries only. They are not to be used for support related questions.

Customer agrees to only enter support issues that pertain to the Company’s software and/or licensing. This does not include, and is not limited to the following.

      1. Game Server or Voice Server software questions unless it has to do with configuration within the TCAdmin software itself. This also does not include how to create game configuration files for a particular game type. Users may request a game configuration file for TCAdmin in the client forums located on the Company’s website if they wish.
      2. Third party game server modifications (mods).
      3. Third party server management tools.
      4. Operating system questions.
      5. Firewalls, both hardware and software, that may interfere with the proper operation of the software.
      6. Mail Server Software
      7. Where to gather game files and what type of media is required for game servers.
      8. Antivirus software which may interfere with the proper operation of the software.
      9. Installation and configuration of third party software packages such as IIS (Internet Information Services), or the MYSql Database server.

The Company does not, and is not required to provide support services via live chat methods such as AIM, IRC or MSN.

The Company will respond to all support requests within 24 hours from the time it has been posted to our support system. In most cases it is much shorter.

The Company may at its sole discretion allow for support via telephone or other realtime communications software if it deems the problem an emergency.

The Company reserves the right to make changes to this agreement at any time provided it has made an official announcement regarding the changes via mass email to all clients or via an official post in the Company’s client forums.